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At Ashdod, we believe your focus should be on your education.

From enrollment to graduation, we have assembled the resources (advisement, tutorials, library and community services) you need to complete your degree with minimal distractions.


Academic Advising Services, available through your degree program, to assist at the university. Library services provide research tools to support your academic work on site as well as online.


Connections to university offices and resources, including tutorial services and academic skill development, and office to help you with your academic deficiencies.


Opportunities for funding, such as our annual scholarship program and our travel funds, which help students who are attending or presenting at conference related to their academic programs.

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From our initial five students back in 1935 to now being recognized as a global University, autonomous, not-for-profit higher learning research institution, University Central of Ashdod’s reputation for academic excellence and innovation has remained

throughout eight decades of robust growth.

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The Jewish University System consists of

independent, self-governing private and non-for-profit, research faith-based institutions that

award higher education qualifications and religious modifier degrees.


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Students at University Central of Ashdod share a passionate interest in

the world around them and the energy to take action.

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The Jewish State of Israel






The UCEA Jewish Educational Foundation provides a six-weeks externship in Israel with airfares, local transfers, accommodations and per-diem to pay for enrolling in the Judaic Studies program.

A limited number of scholarships are available [six (6) per year].

The student needs to comply with the University general admissions standards and to be admitted in to the program.


This is a five-year curriculum to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies.

All our programs are on-site.  

Contact the Academic Center for campus tour and information.