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Lubavitch International College of Law

Text Box: 2023-2024 Academic Year
Master of International Legal Studies
Semester 1
	DER-5011	Fundamental of Law—Fundamentos de Derecho
	DER-5012	Philosophy of Law—Filosofia del Derecho
	DER-5003	Legal English—Ingles Juridico
	DER-5005	Legal Spanish—  Espanol Judirico
	DER-5001	History of US Law  - Historia de La Ley de Estados Unidos
	DER-5002	History of Panamenian Law—Historia del Derecho
	DER-5050	Legal Ethics—Etica Profesional
	RIE-5010	Legal Computerized Research—Investigaciones Electronicas
Semester 2
	DER-5004	Legal English II—Ingles Juridico II
	DER-5006	Legal Spanish—Espanol Juridico II
	DER-5070	Roman Law—Derecho Romano
	DER-5075	Law and Economics— Economia y Derecho
	DER-5080	Law and Politics—Politica y Derecho
	DER-5085	Civil Law– Derecho Civil
	DER-5090 	Social Law—Sociologia Juridica
	DER-5100	International Law I—Derecho Internacional I
Semester 3
	DER-5200	Criminology— Criminologia
	DER-5210	Civil Law II– Derecho Civil II
	DER-5320	International Law— Derecho International II
	DER-5410	Aviation Law	- Derecho de Aviacion
	DER-5430	Business Law and Contracts—Derechos Civil Contratos
	DER-5510	Financial Banking Law—Derecho Bancario
	DER-6050	Internship
	DER-6090	Thesis
A forty-five graduate credits with three international concentrations:
A) Aviation			B) Financial Banking		c) Maritime Law
All classes are conducted in English with U.S. Textbooks.

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