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The Ashdod Library exists chiefly to support the curricula offered by UCEA. Its responsibilities include assisting faculty and students in locating research materials, as well as instructing them in the effective use of library resources, which include multimedia resources and Internet access, full text online periodicals, and access to full text online books. Over 29,045 items in the library collection are housed at the Campus Library. Internet access passwords to the full text online periodicals databases and online books are given out at orientations and Library research training seminars. Library hours are scheduled to service day and evening students. A librarian or an assistant librarian is always available to assist students, faculty and staff in the use of the Campus Library during scheduled hours.

The  Ashdod Library coordinates university-wide access to a variety of research resources in online, microform, and paper formats.
University librarians teach a course in Information Literacy as part of the Freshman Experience course and are available for assistance on campus, online, and by phone. Instructional aids for resources and services are available on the library’s Information Rack (located in the reference area on the main level) and online in the Ashdod Campus Library or UCEA Online Library pages.

The library holdings include 29045+ volumes, 114+ periodicals and journals,12,000+ microform
units, and 700+ audio/visual titles. You will also find study areas, computers, printers, copiers,
and punch-binding and lamination services available for use. Here’s a quick guide to locate what
you need:

•        Reference Collection
•        The print collection is shelved in the main level of the library, and is available for use in the
library only. The digital collection is accessible from the online.


Mr. Treton Gonzalez, Library Director—


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Director: Treton Gonzalez, MLS

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