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Our Mission

The mission of the Academic Advisement Center (AAC) is to provide students with direction and support to achieve their academic goals. The Advisement Center staff works cooperatively with students and other University offices to help resolve any issues or problems that may impede academic progress.


Students meet with their assigned advisor each semester to plan their class schedule and as needed to make schedule adjustments. Advice on common academic questions is also available on a walk-in basis.

Every UCEA student is assigned an advisement staff upon acceptance to his/her college. All new students will have an advisement staff from the Academic Advisement Center with the exception the Law’s students. Advisement staff are available both day and evening hours on weekdays to provide a wide variety of academic advisement services. Law students receive academic advisement from their instructors.


Each student is required to meet with his or her advisor twice a year to plan a spring, summer and fall class schedule. Questions regarding schedule changes, academic policies, and program requirements should also be directed to the counselors in the Center. The UCEA University Advising System does not operate in isolation. It is, rather, an intricate system in which all constituencies in the college have an active role in assisting students throughout their academic career at the college. Advisement counselors and support staff in the Advisement Center work closely with faculty and student support offices such as the University Registrar's Office, Graduate Services, Residence Life, and Placement, and Student Services to ensure that students have a rewarding experience at University Central of Ashdod.

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